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Instead of Changing Flies... Do This!

Mar 17, 2021

Are you plagued by changing flies constantly, to the point where they don't even get a chance to fish properly before they're swapped out?

Fly-change-itis is a real thing, and it's something that every angler experiences eventually in their fly fishing journey. It usually comes as a result of slow fishing, in which we get wrapped up in our own heads under the impression that it must just be the fly that isn't working. 

The truth is that (in most instances), often times it is the manner in which the fly is being presented that can make it or break it rather than just the fly itself. 

Leader length, tippet diameter, tippet material, retrieval speed, depth, these are just a few factors that have proven themselves worthy of consideration over the years. 

In today's episode of Fly Fish University TV and the Fly Fish University Podcast, we're talking some alternatives to simply changing the fly, as well as a few real life examples. Enjoy!



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