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[VIDEO] Early Spring Stillwater Fly Fishing Adventure

Apr 21, 2021

Chasing big rainbow trout tight to shoreline structure in the BC interior!

It was a really long winter, and it felt incredible to get the first "real" day of stillwater fly fishing in the books for the 2021 season. We fished close to shoreline structure for the entirety of the day, focusing on shallow water with leech, mayfly and immature damsel imitations. 

Enjoy today's episode below, as well as a brand new podcast episode!

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Q&A Friday | Hook Terminology Explained

Apr 16, 2021

2xl? 2xs? 1xh? What do all of these mean when it comes to hooks used in fly tying and fly fishing?

t's Friday, which means it's time for another episode of Q&A Friday on the Fly Fish University Podcast! Today we're uncovering some of the terminology around hooks used in fly tying and fly fishing, and what some of these terms mean that can sometimes be confusing to anglers.

Listen to this episode below on the device of your choice, and wishing you the best on the water!

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How to Fish a BLOB Fly for Trout!

Apr 14, 2021

What on earth is a 'blob' and why should you fish them?

Before we go TOO far, if you haven't already, you can still grab the remaining two lessons from Phil Rowley and I's 'Stillwater Ice-Off Tactics' free mini-course HERE. You will learn ice-off fishing tactics, ice-off equipment and our TOP 20 patterns for fishing the pre-turnover window.

Moving on...

What are blob flies and why should you fish them?

Originated in the UK, blob patterns are incredibly effective both as an attractor and as an imitative pattern when fish are keyed in on micro-organisms like Daphnia (Zooplankton). There was a time when we would curse the presence of Daphnia, but thanks to blob flies we are able to routinely catch fish when fish are keyed in on them. 

Find it all and more in today's episode below... enjoy!

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Choosing the Right Anchor for your Stillwater Boat

Apr 09, 2021

Outfitting your watercraft with anchors that are the proper size, weight and shape is mission critical.

There is nothing more frustrating than getting blown off anchor in windy conditions, especially when there is great fishing to be had. Constantly repositioning your boat cuts into time, fun, and simply putting fish in the net!

Today's episode (below) discusses a useful formula that anybody can use when it comes to outfitting your aluminum boat with an anchor that is going to keep you put when you're fishing a productive piece of mud.

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When Leeches are DEADLY Effective in Stillwater Fly Fishing

Apr 07, 2021

Leech patterns are undeniably productive in lakes, and this episode explains three situations in which they are a viable option to tie on. 

1) Ice-Off: Immediately after the ice leaves the lake, fish will be keyed in on staple food sources in shallow water. Alongside leeches, they will be gorging themselves on shrimp, boatmen and chironomid larvae.

2) Early Morning: If you're a chironomid enthusiast, you know that sitting and waiting for the dinner bell to sound. Sometimes this isn't until noon, and fishing your way through the morning in shallow water with leeches before moving to deep water is a great way to spend the first few hours of the day. 

3) Post-Hatch: Fish will often gorge on leeches to cap down a large chironomid feed. Switching up when the chironomid bite slows will often buy you an extra hour (or many) of good fishing.

>> Join Phil Rowley and I's FREE Ice-Off Stillwater Tactics mini course here! <<

Enjoy today's episode!

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Q&A Friday | Chironomid Fishing Setup for Stillwater Fly Fishing

Apr 02, 2021

A quick rundown of a great rod, reel and line pairing for chironomid fishing on stillwaters.

As we know already, so much of your success in stillwater fly fishing comes down to your equipment. It doesn't have to be fancy, but it does have to be suitable. Today's episode discusses my go-to setup for chironomid fishing on lakes. 

Rod - 966/4 Scott Flex

Reel - Ross Cimarron II 5/6

Line - Scientific Anglers Amplitude Smooth Stillwater Indicator

Register for Phil Rowley and I's FREE upcoming mini-course 'Stillwater Ice-Off Tactics' here:



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Is Fly Fishing Expensive?

Mar 19, 2021

'I want to get into fly fishing but I am afraid it's too expensive'

This is a question that almost EVERY fly shop employee gets asked at some point, and a valid one at that. But does fly fishing cost a lot of money?

This is a very relative question. Asking if something costs a lot of money like asking 'how long is a piece of string?' or 'is spaghetti good?'

Although it can be a tricky question to answer, there is one thing that's for sure: There has never been a better or easier time to get into fly fishing than 2021. 


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Instead of Changing Flies... Do This!

Mar 17, 2021

Are you plagued by changing flies constantly, to the point where they don't even get a chance to fish properly before they're swapped out?

Fly-change-itis is a real thing, and it's something that every angler experiences eventually in their fly fishing journey. It usually comes as a result of slow fishing, in which we get wrapped up in our own heads under the impression that it must just be the fly that isn't working. 

The truth is that (in most instances), often times it is the manner in which the fly is being presented that can make it or break it rather than just the fly itself. 

Leader length, tippet diameter, tippet material, retrieval speed, depth, these are just a few factors that have proven themselves worthy of consideration over the years. 

In today's episode of Fly Fish University TV and the Fly Fish University Podcast, we're talking some alternatives to simply changing the fly, as well as a few real life examples. Enjoy!


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Q&A Friday | Double Anchoring, The Best Waders for Fly Fishing & MORE!

Mar 12, 2021

What are the best waders money can buy, why you should double anchor your boat, and why lake fishing often hits its peak mid-day

It's Friday, which means it's time for another episode of Q&A Friday on the Fly Fish University Podcast and Fly Fish University TV! Today we're discussing the BEST waders you can get with money (in my opinion), why you should double-anchor your boat, and why lake fishing often peaks mid-day.

Listen or watch this episode below on the device of your choice, and wishing you the best on the water!

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How to Fish Big Lakes from Shore

Mar 10, 2021

BIG LAKES... they can be tricky, daunting, and a LOT of fun. Today's episode of Fly Fish University brings you 5 tips for fishing big lakes from shore successfully.

Though there's a lot of area to cover on big lakes, and finding fish can be a challenge at times due to the fact that they could be anywhere, that's no reason to shy away from them. Though large water bodies can be intimidating, with a proper food source they can offer fish the ability to grow to immense sizes. As a fan of fishing big lakes in the early spring, here are 5 things I suggest to you.

BEFORE WE GET GOING... don't forget to register for the (FREE) Fly Fishing Accelerator Workshop on March 23, 24 & 25! Click here to grab a seat


  1. Break big lakes into smaller lakes - Don't pretend like you're going to tackle the whole thing in one day, find a way to get your brain to understand that a big lake can be seen as simple a series of smaller waterbodies all put together. Remember that so...
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