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5 Lessons Learned from my BIGGEST Trout Ever!

Jun 11, 2021

In this episode, I am sharing with you the 5 biggest lessons and takeaways I learned from the biggest trout I've ever caught. 

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1. Persistence pays off
2. Research your fisheries
3. Fish with certainty
4. Understand trout behaviour
5. Enjoy the process!

See you on the other side!


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HOW TO Organize your Fly Boxes!

Jun 04, 2021

Fly fishing is hard when your flies are all over the place!

I won't lie when I tell you that keeping my flies organized was not something that came naturally. It takes systemization, and the discipline to continually put them back where they belong and be able to locate the flies you need quickly and easily. 

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Enjoy today's episodes below:

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Finding Fly Fishing Frustrating? Watch This!

May 28, 2021

If you're finding trout fishing frustrating on any level, this episode is for you!

Why did you get into fly fishing? My guess is not to spend a ton of time and money to end up confused, frustrated and not catching fish.

Fly fishing is supposed to be FUN - it is not supposed to be a constant grind in which we guess our way through each day on the water...

That's why I'm SUPER EXCITED to be running the Trout Fishing Accelerator Workshop on June 21, 22 and 23! In the future this will be a paid event, but you can register free by clicking right here.

Enjoy today's episode!

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How Often Should You Change Flies? (2 MINUTE ANSWER!)

May 26, 2021

If you've ever wondered how often you should, or shouldn't be changing flies, then this very short episode is for you!

This is a short video that I shot a few days ago on the water, answering one of the most common questions we get inside of FFU...

"How often should I be changing flies?"

While it is a fine line between changing too often and fishing the wrong fly for prolonged periods of time, I hope this short and digestible episode serves you in your fly fishing journey!


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My 3-Year-Old Daughter vs. Big Trout!

May 19, 2021

I was lucky enough to sneak on the water for a few hours with my daughter Hailie to look for some big trout...

I am delighted to say we were handsomely rewarded! This was actually Hailie's first fly fishing adventure of the 2021 season. Rarely do you find 3-year-olds that can sit on the boat for a few hours to enjoy some productive stillwater fishing, days like this remind me how lucky I am to be a dad. 

I hope you love today's episode below!

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3 Tips for Faster Fly Tying

May 14, 2021

Learning to tie flies quicker, more efficiently and in a systematic manner with three simple steps!

When I started tying commercially for other people, one thing became apparent VERY quickly; the faster I tied, the more I made! This forced me to adopt a new mindset around fly tying in which I could produce quality flies quicker and more effectively. Today's video explains three steps to producing better flies in shorter time!


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[VIDEO] Non-Stop Chironomid Fishing Action!

May 12, 2021

A memorable day of non-stop action in a heavy chironomid hatch!

I was fortunate enough to document one of the best days of lake fishing I have ever had, in one of the best chironomid hatches I've ever seen! Days like this do not come all the time, but when they do I try to savour every moment. 

I hope you love today's episode below!


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Trophy Stillwater Fly Fishing (I got SKUNKED, then got REDEMPTION!)

May 05, 2021

I fished for 8 consecutive hours and got completely BLANKED, and then had one of my best days ever on the water!

The smoke and mirrors of social media and the internet can make it look like catching big trout is a walk in the park. On some days, it is! But on the days that it's not, often we're not showcasing the 95% of the time spent that lead to the 5% of magic. Today's episode of Fly Fish University TV documents a 2-day stillwater adventure I recently embarked on, I hope you love it!

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Chironomid Leader Setup (in 3 minutes....)

Apr 30, 2021

If you've ever wanted to know how to build a basic level chironomid leader, this bite-sized episode is just for you!

I actually recorded this live from the water a few days ago, and in this episode I cover a very simple, very actionable way to build a level chironomid leader. This does not require a tapered leader of any sort, just some 8lb and 6lb fluoro, some 15lb mono, a strike indicator of your choice, a small barrel swivel, and of course your favourite chironomid imitation.


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[VIDEO] Shallow Water Chironomid Feeding Frenzy!

Apr 28, 2021

Searching for BIG fish in shallow water in the early stretches of stillwater season!

On this week's episode of Fly Fish University TV, I made my way onto a local lake to search out some big rainbows patrolling in shallow water. While it took me a bit to find them, I was generously rewarded with a handful of beautiful fish. 


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