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Stuck Inside & Wish You were Fishing? 5 Things to Keep you Sane

Dec 30, 2020

Spending a lot of time inside this winter and wishing you were fishing instead? You're absolutely not the only one! Even if we can't travel too far to go fishing at the moment, there are still things we can do as anglers to pass the time and beat the winter blues. 

1) Clean & Organize Fly Lines - Because we all know that the last thing we want to do in the midst of fishing season is clean and organize all of our fly lines, wintertime is a perfect opportunity for some care and maintenance. Pick yourself up a good fly line cleaning kit and check your backing knots while you are on the job. This is a quick, easy way to extend the life of our fly lines!

2) Organize your Fly Boxes - I am the first person to admit that organization and cleanliness has never been my true strong suit, but when it comes to fly box organization I am incredibly particular. I have, however, been one to get into the habit of sticking flies on my hat or onto the foam patch in my boat instead of putting them back in their rightful slot. Wintertime is a great time to round up all of the flies that have found their way into the bottom of my boat, wader pockets and gear bags and put them back in their home.

3) Clean & Patch your Waders - 
Nobody likes fishing with holes in their waders, but on the same note very few people like going through the process of finding pinholes leaks when there is good fishing to be had. The off season (if such a thing exists) is a great time to invest a bit of time into caring for your waders, jackets and boots. Click here for a great video on wader repair from Simms!

4) Tie some Flies! - If you enjoy fly tying, there is something magical about sitting down for a session at the tying vice with no distractions. Tying flies not only allows us to exercise our creativity, but it also  puts you into a place of looking forward to going fishing again. Even if my next destination trip is a long ways out (which is exactly how it feels right now!), sitting at the tying bench allows me to immerse myself into the excitement of travelling and fishing again. 

5) Create your Bucket List - It's hard to visit your dream fly fishing destinations if you haven't gotten super clear on where they are. People in my family can (unfortunately) attest to the fact that I read the Yellow Dog Fly Fishing Travel Guide every morning over breakfast... Even if now might not be the time to travel internationally, it is absolutely the time to start planning!

Listen to today's episode of the Fly Fish University Podcast below!


Happy fishing, happy tying, and all the best heading into 2021!

Jordan Oelrich


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