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Choosing the Right Floating Line

Sep 10, 2020

Don't let your floating line hold you up.

Welcome to day 1 of 21 Days of Fly Fishing Education! Seriously, this could not be more exciting. 

In case you are new here and thinking "what on earth are we talking about here?", over the past few months I surveyed over 800 people on what they really wanted to learn more about when it came to fly fishing. 

Rather than replying to every question in private, I decided to share my answers for the entire world! Every day, for the next 21 days, a new topic will be posted here with an accompanying podcast episode. I received a boatload of questions about floating lines, and today I chat about the two things that make it or break it when choosing a floating line that's appropriate for your casting stroke, rod action, and primary fisheries. 

Is your floating line working for you?

Floating lines can be a tricky thing. Even the most expensive fly rod in the world will never be fished to its maximum potential without the pairing of a proper line. 

On this very first episode of 21 Days of Fly Fishing Education, I discuss the importance of understanding both your fly line taper, and the grain weight found in the head of the line. 

This is only the beginning, and if you have a topic that you'd like to hear, I would be most happy to consider putting it into an episode! 

Listen to Episode #1 of 21 Days of Fly Fishing Education here:


Looking forward to continuing this journey with you! Tomorrow we chat 3 keys to educated fly selection, a topic I'm super passionate about and something that I'm covering in tonight's instalment of the Fly Fishing Fundamentals Deep Dive program!
See you tomorrow,

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