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How to Increase your Confidence in Fly Fishing

Sep 30, 2020

Knowledge breeds confidence.

Today marks day 21 of 21 Days of Fly Fishing Education. It has been a wonderful journey so far, and the fun does not stop now. Weekly episodes of the Fly Fish University Podcast will still be uploaded every Wednesday morning. 

Onto today's topic!

Confidence is what sets great anglers apart, and it is something that is developed over time. Today's episode shares a few strategies for increasing your fly fishing knowledge, your skillset, and your level of expertise. This is done by surrounding yourself with people who know what they're doing, people that can get you on the right track, and ultimately putting in time on the water.

Lastly, enrolments for the final 2020 intake of the Fly Fishing Fundamentals Deep Dive program open TOMORROW at 8am PST! There is a great list of bonuses for this intake, including the first 10 enrolments receiving a 30 minute 1-on-1 coaching call. Enjoy today's episode!


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