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Understanding Chironomid Life Cycles

Sep 13, 2020

We know chironomids are important, but what exactly are they?

Chironomids make up a staggering percentage of a rainbow trout's diet throughout the open water season, but it is vital to understand what their life cycle looks like and how we can use this information to catch more fish. 

Chironomids undergo a complete metamorphosis, meaning their life cycle begins in the egg stage, progressing into the larval, pupal, and eventually the adult stage. Chironomids are incredibly susceptible in the larval and pupal stage, with the latter being the most popular stage in which they get devoured by hungry rainbow trout. 

Enjoy this episode, and tomorrow we will cover five actionable tips and tactics to close out this micro-series about chironomids within the 21 Days of Fly Fishing Education campaign. 


 As always, thank you for listening!
Jordan Oelrich

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