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How to Fish a BLOB Fly for Trout!

Apr 14, 2021

What on earth is a 'blob' and why should you fish them?

Before we go TOO far, if you haven't already, you can still grab the remaining two lessons from Phil Rowley and I's 'Stillwater Ice-Off Tactics' free mini-course HERE. You will learn ice-off fishing tactics, ice-off equipment and our TOP 20 patterns for fishing the pre-turnover window.

Moving on...

What are blob flies and why should you fish them?

Originated in the UK, blob patterns are incredibly effective both as an attractor and as an imitative pattern when fish are keyed in on micro-organisms like Daphnia (Zooplankton). There was a time when we would curse the presence of Daphnia, but thanks to blob flies we are able to routinely catch fish when fish are keyed in on them. 

Find it all and more in today's episode below... enjoy!


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