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Learn to Master THESE 6 Fly Fishing Knots

Mar 03, 2021

Too many fish are lost to poorly tied knots. Understand these 6 knots and how to tie them, and you'll have one less thing to worry about when you're hooked up to the fish of a lifetime.

Knot tying is an intricate game, but just like tying your shoes or riding a bike, you can train yourself to reach a level of unconscious competence when it comes to tying knots that hold. 

The knots we discuss in this episode are:

  1. Improved Clinch
  2. Non-Slip Mono Loop
  3. Double Surgeon's Knot
  4. Blood Knot
  5. Perfection Loop
  6. Nail Knot

Learning both how to tie these knots, and what their purposes are in different fishing applications, will allow you to ultimately have a better experience on the water. If you don't know HOW to tie them, click here to grab our free knot-tying mini-course!

Enjoy today's episode below:


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