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STOP These 3 Fly Fishing Mistakes

Feb 24, 2021

Three common fly fishing mistakes and exactly what to do about them!

Today's episode is exciting because these are three mistakes that are both super easy to make, and super easy to fix!

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OK - to the goods...

The first mistake that's way too easy to make is buying fly fishing gear and equipment you don't really need, without knowing exactly why you need it and what its purpose is going to be. 

The second mistake is too spend far too much time changing flies, rather than focusing on switching up your presentation, the speed of your retrieve, and the minor details such as tippet length or diameter.

The third mistake, and one that we are always working on, is not paying enough attention to the minuscule details on the water. The observant angler wins, and increasing the attention you pay to detail will pay massive dividends in fly fishing. 

Enjoy today's episode below:


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