The Ultimate Guide to Fly Selection eBook.

A systematic approach to choosing flies that catch fish


The Ultimate Guide to Fly Selection: A Systematic Approach to Choosing Flies that Catch Fish


My name is Jordan Oelrich and when I started fly fishing, reaching into my fly box felt more like a guessing game than anything. I really didn’t know what I was doing, I didn’t know what factors to consider when it came to choosing flies that were going to catch fish under the given conditions. As time went on, I slowly began developing a reliable system for fly selection, and decided to turn it into a book to help people do the same.

Why fly selection confuses most people

Choosing the right fly is not something that happens by chance. Rather, when you factor in a multitude of important variables, you can make an educated selection from your fly box. Fly selection confuses most people because they have no idea what they are trying to imitate in the first place. The Ultimate Guide to Fly Selection removes the guesswork from fly selection, allowing you to spend less time guessing on the water.

In this eBook you will learn

  • How to develop a selection of “confidence flies”
  • How to stop guessing when you reach into your fly box
  • The various components of fly construction
  • The difference between imitative and attractor patterns, along with when and why they are effective
  • The SELFBACTD Method, a proven formula for educated fly selection
  • Understanding the most important factors that come into play when tying a fly onto the end of your leader

What is the SELFBACTD Method?

As time progressed in my fly fishing journey, I began learning the most important factors when it came to choosing a fly that was going to work. The more I spoke with people that I was teaching or guiding, the more I realized that fly selection was something that a lot of anglers seemed to struggle with. This is why I developed the SELFBACTD Method, which stands for the following:




Food source

Behavioural tendencies

Angling pressure



Depth + Distance

Remove the guesswork from fly selection for good

Turn fly selection from a wild guess into an educated decision, fish your flies with a greater sense of confidence, and ultimately increase your results on the water!