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[VIDEO] Non-Stop Chironomid Fishing Action!

May 12, 2021

A memorable day of non-stop action in a heavy chironomid hatch!

I was fortunate enough to document one of the best days of lake fishing I have ever had, in one of the best chironomid hatches I've ever seen! Days like this do not come all the time, but when they do I try to savour every moment. 

I hope you love today's episode below!


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Trophy Stillwater Fly Fishing (I got SKUNKED, then got REDEMPTION!)

May 05, 2021

I fished for 8 consecutive hours and got completely BLANKED, and then had one of my best days ever on the water!

The smoke and mirrors of social media and the internet can make it look like catching big trout is a walk in the park. On some days, it is! But on the days that it's not, often we're not showcasing the 95% of the time spent that lead to the 5% of magic. Today's episode of Fly Fish University TV documents a 2-day stillwater adventure I recently embarked on, I hope you love it!

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Chironomid Leader Setup (in 3 minutes....)

Apr 30, 2021

If you've ever wanted to know how to build a basic level chironomid leader, this bite-sized episode is just for you!

I actually recorded this live from the water a few days ago, and in this episode I cover a very simple, very actionable way to build a level chironomid leader. This does not require a tapered leader of any sort, just some 8lb and 6lb fluoro, some 15lb mono, a strike indicator of your choice, a small barrel swivel, and of course your favourite chironomid imitation.


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[VIDEO] Shallow Water Chironomid Feeding Frenzy!

Apr 28, 2021

Searching for BIG fish in shallow water in the early stretches of stillwater season!

On this week's episode of Fly Fish University TV, I made my way onto a local lake to search out some big rainbows patrolling in shallow water. While it took me a bit to find them, I was generously rewarded with a handful of beautiful fish. 


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3 CRITICAL Fly Fishing Items for EVERY Trip!

Apr 23, 2021

Today's episode of Q&A Friday discusses THREE fly fishing items that I do not leave home without!

It's Friday, which means it's time for another episode of Q&A Friday on the Fly Fish University Podcast! Today's question is super popular, and it reads something like this: "I'm shopping for a fly fishing fanatic, and have no idea what to get them".

This episode contains three fly fishing items that are a great gift idea, and also a great idea if you are just making a list for your next trip to the fly shop.

Listen or watch this episode below on the device of your choice, and wishing you the best on the water!

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[VIDEO] Early Spring Stillwater Fly Fishing Adventure

Apr 21, 2021

Chasing big rainbow trout tight to shoreline structure in the BC interior!

It was a really long winter, and it felt incredible to get the first "real" day of stillwater fly fishing in the books for the 2021 season. We fished close to shoreline structure for the entirety of the day, focusing on shallow water with leech, mayfly and immature damsel imitations. 

Enjoy today's episode below, as well as a brand new podcast episode!

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Q&A Friday | Hook Terminology Explained

Apr 16, 2021

2xl? 2xs? 1xh? What do all of these mean when it comes to hooks used in fly tying and fly fishing?

t's Friday, which means it's time for another episode of Q&A Friday on the Fly Fish University Podcast! Today we're uncovering some of the terminology around hooks used in fly tying and fly fishing, and what some of these terms mean that can sometimes be confusing to anglers.

Listen to this episode below on the device of your choice, and wishing you the best on the water!

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How to Fish a BLOB Fly for Trout!

Apr 14, 2021

What on earth is a 'blob' and why should you fish them?

Before we go TOO far, if you haven't already, you can still grab the remaining two lessons from Phil Rowley and I's 'Stillwater Ice-Off Tactics' free mini-course HERE. You will learn ice-off fishing tactics, ice-off equipment and our TOP 20 patterns for fishing the pre-turnover window.

Moving on...

What are blob flies and why should you fish them?

Originated in the UK, blob patterns are incredibly effective both as an attractor and as an imitative pattern when fish are keyed in on micro-organisms like Daphnia (Zooplankton). There was a time when we would curse the presence of Daphnia, but thanks to blob flies we are able to routinely catch fish when fish are keyed in on them. 

Find it all and more in today's episode below... enjoy!

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Choosing the Right Anchor for your Stillwater Boat

Apr 09, 2021

Outfitting your watercraft with anchors that are the proper size, weight and shape is mission critical.

There is nothing more frustrating than getting blown off anchor in windy conditions, especially when there is great fishing to be had. Constantly repositioning your boat cuts into time, fun, and simply putting fish in the net!

Today's episode (below) discusses a useful formula that anybody can use when it comes to outfitting your aluminum boat with an anchor that is going to keep you put when you're fishing a productive piece of mud.

>> Join Phil Rowley and I's FREE upcoming 'Ice Off Stillwater Tactics' mini-course! <<


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When Leeches are DEADLY Effective in Stillwater Fly Fishing

Apr 07, 2021

Leech patterns are undeniably productive in lakes, and this episode explains three situations in which they are a viable option to tie on. 

1) Ice-Off: Immediately after the ice leaves the lake, fish will be keyed in on staple food sources in shallow water. Alongside leeches, they will be gorging themselves on shrimp, boatmen and chironomid larvae.

2) Early Morning: If you're a chironomid enthusiast, you know that sitting and waiting for the dinner bell to sound. Sometimes this isn't until noon, and fishing your way through the morning in shallow water with leeches before moving to deep water is a great way to spend the first few hours of the day. 

3) Post-Hatch: Fish will often gorge on leeches to cap down a large chironomid feed. Switching up when the chironomid bite slows will often buy you an extra hour (or many) of good fishing.

>> Join Phil Rowley and I's FREE Ice-Off Stillwater Tactics mini course here! <<

Enjoy today's episode!

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