Learn how to quickly tie strong knots that hold when it matters most.

If you spend a lot of time fly fishing in freshwater, there are truly only six knots you absolutely must know.

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6 Knots for Freshwater Fly Fishing is a video micro-course that teaches you how to tie the following knots:

Improved Clinch Knot -

A reliable standby knot that is useful for attaching the fly to the leader or tippet material.

Non-Slip Mono Loop -

Attaching the fly with an open-loop allows it to swim and undulate freely, the non-slip mono loop is a spectacular knot for attaching streamers and nymphs.

Double Surgeon’s Knot -

A simple knot to tie in a short period of time, ideal for attaching two tippets of similar diameter

Perfection Loop -

A great knot for tying a loop in the top of your leader, before connecting to a factory fly line loop

Blood Knot -

A great knot for adding tippet onto your leader, or attaching two tippets together. Similar to the Double Surgeon’s Knot, but a cleaner and more visually appealing connection

Nail Knot -

The best knot for creating a slim, seamless connection between fly line and leader